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Originally Posted by Dr.Funk
If BC is set on taking Bargnani then I'd be opened to trading Charlie V.

To Philly
Charlie V
35 OVerall Pick

To Toronto
Sammy D
John Salmons
13th Overall Pick

This is a very tough trade to make, because Samuel Dalembert got paid large last summer and then struggled huge this year. He didn't earn his pay check and really struggled for much of the year. I am not sure, but I don't think I would want a skinny center like Dalembert whom grabs 8 rebounds or so to be making 10 million or so for the next 4-5 years. It could be a very ugly contract if he never develops.

Now on the other hand, the 13th overall pick is nice and John Salmons would be a nice guard to backup Morris Peterson. But I question whether or not it would be worth giving up such a promising young talent like Charlie Villaneuva and a nice pick at 35th overall. At this point, I would lean closer to not making this deal then to pulling the trigger.
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