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Default Re: Why are MJ fans so insecure?

Originally Posted by atljonesbro
Every time someone brings something up about Kobe they all rush full speed to make sure they talk him down. I don't get it, if MJ is better than Kobe than why do you all try to downplay Kobe whenever you can?

I was NOT an MJ fan growing up.

I was a CLYDE fan growing up.


No great player in NBA History is more OVERRATED & POLARIZING than Kobe Bryant.

He has 5 Rings but 3 of those rings were gifted to him by SHAQ clearly.

He won 1 MVP over 17 yrs of his career. NOT Enough in today's era to show dominance when Nash like Tier 2 superstar has 2 MVPs.

Kobe is a product of LAL franchise winning wise.

If Kobe played as a NON-Laker in NBA, he will NEVER make it to NBA Finals unlike LBJ. The MAIN reason: His Pathetic shot selection at 45%FG as SG.

But constantly, ESPN & NBA try to forcefully put Kobe into league of MJ, Magic, Bird but clearly NEVER was, is, will be at that LEVEL.


KOBE Lacks 2 cardinal things. D.O.M.I.N.A.N.C.E...&....E.F.F.IC.I.E.N.C.Y.
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