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Default Re: Why are MJ fans so insecure?

Originally Posted by gengiskhan
I was NOT an MJ fan growing up.

I was a CLYDE fan growing up.


No great player in NBA History is more OVERRATED & POLARIZING than Kobe Bryant.

He has 5 Rings but 3 of those rings were gifted to him by SHAQ clearly.

He won 1 MVP over 17 yrs of his career. NOT Enough in today's era to show dominance when Nash like Tier 2 superstar has 2 MVPs.

Kobe is a product of LAL franchise winning wise.

If Kobe played as a NON-Laker in NBA, he will NEVER make it to NBA Finals unlike LBJ. The MAIN reason: His Pathetic shot selection at 45%FG as SG.

But constantly, ESPN & NBA try to forcefully put Kobe into league of MJ, Magic, Bird but clearly NEVER was, is, will be at that LEVEL.


KOBE Lacks 2 cardinal things. D.O.M.I.N.A.N.C.E...&....E.F.F.IC.I.E.N.C.Y.

I don't get why this post is getting so much praise. We've heard all of this before (most of it is bias crap). The only difference is he put it in bold. He still didn't answer my question.
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