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Default Who would have thunk it.Rudy Fernandez and Jordan Farmar leading top Euroleague teams

Fernandez leading 1st place Real Madrid (7-1) in points, steals and tied for 2nd in assists.

Farmar leading 1st place Anadolu Efes (7-1) in points and assists.

Only one other Euroleague team has as good a record (FC Barcelona).

Both Fernandez and Farmar are pretty much locks for an all-Euroleague team selection and are in the running for Euroleague MVP.

This brings up a larger question. I'm not sure how they are being paid in Euroleague but if it is anything equal to their NBA salaries we might see a situation were more NBA back-ups choose to play in Europe.

I mean would you rather be a back-up in the NBA or a super-star in Europe? Some of these players Bobby Brown, Fernandez, Krstic, Farmar, etc...have gone from being back-ups and scrubs in the NBA to the top players on the top teams in Euroleague.

I mean if it was you and the pay was the same would you rather be a back-up in Portland or a super star in Madrid?

There might come a time when the 2nd units in the NBA are weaker than the starting line-ups of the top Euroleague teams. Just a thought to throw out there.
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