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Default why doesnt dwight howard shoot free throws left handed. its his dominant hand.

anywhere inside the free throw line he shoots left handed better

his right handed hook shots miss everything and bank off the bottom or top of the back board

when he dribbles right handed he loses the ball

he writes left handed

but he shoots free throws right handed.... now i know he hurt his left arm when he was a kid and learned to shoot right after that. but at what point do you say

" shooting 3 for 20.... maybe i should go back to the hand god gave me"

my dad has the same problem. he got a right handed set of golf clubs... shot right handed his entire life...

he sucks at golf. wonders why he never got good at it. my mom beats him every time.

i say "get a left handed set" and he says "hitting right handed feels better..."

well sh*t.... who cares if it feels better... you suck
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