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Default Re: The BigAss 2nd term thread

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
The cia vote happens next week.

The Obama adminstration is trying to prevent Congress from seeing their I-can-kill-Americans-with-drones memos.

Instead they pulled some BS switcheroo where they showed more Benghazi emails and kept the drone memos secret.

There's something about that just shows ****ed up priorities on both sides and it seems that Obama faces more pressure on this from the left than the right.

Has any of the Republicans on the Intelligence Committee put pressure on Obama over drones?
It's absolutely hilarious how terribly illegal this is. And some of the cases they site in the white pages as for how it's "constitutional" by mentioning "citizens"....the word Citizen(s) doesn't even appear on that page, and the case may or may not be related to citizen(s) or terrorism. My professor devoted 30 minutes one class explaining how it was illegal regardless of whatever cases they incorrectly cite.

Hopefully the administration catches shit not only for potentially using drones on Americans but also people overseas.
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