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Default Re: Bulls push on while Derrick Rose remains out

After 10 months away from the game, Rose has built his way back to the point where he appears to be close to playing again. Teammates and coaches have been encouraged by what they've seen in practice because they know that Rose, even as he continues to rehab, can still do things that few other players in the world can do. The issue for the Bulls is that if Rose doesn't come back in the next few weeks, does it really make sense for him to come back at all this season?

Any player who has gone through ACL surgery can tell you that there are ups and downs to any part of the recovery process. Some days the player feels back to his old self and other days the rust can feel overwhelming. As Tom Thibodeau has pointed out repeatedly in this process, no matter how much a player prepares in practice, the game situations are completely different. The Bulls have tried to put together game situations in practices to get Rose more comfortable in his surroundings but there is only so much they can do.

If he doesn't feel like he's mentally able to be the same player he used to be, or close to it, there's not much else they can do. Rose can continue warming up before games and showing glimpses of his MVP form and continue to open eyes in practices, but if he doesn't feel he can be the same player, all of those pregame highlights don't mean a thing.

-- ESPN Chicago
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