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Yup...It's gotten to that point. He lasted way longer than Mike D'Antoni in terms of having a rant thread made in his honor...but it is.

I'm not saying fire the guy but my goodness. WTF is up with these lineups? Last night, there was a stretch in which we had Kidd, Prigioni, JR, Novak and Chandler on the court. Then he has THE NERVE to yell at JR for shooting 3's. Now I, like most, think JR Smith takes too many jumpshots...especially 3's. But PLEASE tell me, with this lineup, what are his options? All of these guys just sit around the perimeter, waiting for wide open 3's. Tyson is setting screens, hoping to get an alley-oop. I don't blame them for this. I blame WOODSON! They are who they are. You cannot continue to put lineups like this out there.

And for the love of Christmas, can we PLEASE let Shumpert, Amare and Martin play? Shumpert comes in the game, playing quality defense, and actually was doing well on offense too. Sits on the bench and rots until the very end. Amare comes in the game and is killing their small lineup. He takes him out. It was only because of Melo's injury that Amare played more last night. Kenyon Martin didn't even play. Why bring him in if you aren't going to play him? Newsflash. We don't have big men to spare. We need any little bit of help we can get.
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