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Default R and B is back

and has been amazing...anyone who says this genre is dead needs to stop repeating cliches and actually listen to some of these artists.

First up:


He dropped my favorite R&B album of the year called " Kaleidoscope Dream" with one of the best songs I've heard in a while called Adorn.

Here's the full album on youtube

He lead up to this masterpiece with a free EP series titled Art Dealer Chic, with three volumes. The first one included the previously mentioned Adorn, and two other songs, Gravity and That I Do. Each of these are amazing in my opinion and the other volumes are albeit still good, they don't match up to the first one.

Regardless check out all three if you can. Volume 2 has a song that I personally identify with called "All".

Second: Frank Ocean

His debut album "Channel Orange" features amazing song-writing plus his signature voice cascading throughout every track.

My personal favorite is "Crack Rock" where he sings about the drug through the eyes of a user. The social commentary and emotion he put into the song is a testament to his skills.

I cannot find a full album on Youtube, but listen to each song on this album. It's amazing.


Elle Varner

I don't seen anyone talking about this chick. This cute, quirky girl has an amazing voice that pull you into whatever she's signing about.

I absolutely love the way that her songs are composed, they feel fresh even though the narrative is the same as millions of songs from the past. That's astonishingly hard to do.

She released her debut album this summer like Frank Ocean did, but in August. Perfectly Imperfect got one grammy nomination for the her song "Refill" but I feel like this album and her work as a whole gets massively overlooked.

Before her album, she released a mixtape called Conversational Lush which has my favorite song of her's "Soundproof Room".

Here's the link:

Listen and enjoy guys.

Feel free to add or correct anything.
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