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Default Old news, but: Do you think Melo's wife was huge factor in Melo coming to Knicks?

Anthony's wife, LaLa Vazquez, won't be in Denver for the game, preventing potential ugliness in the stands in what's expected to be an emotional night for fans. There is wide perception that Vazquez was the driving force behind Anthony's desire to become a Knick. She is a New York native, an actress and television host who landed her own reality show once back in New York.
Anthony said that perception about his wife is far from the truth.

"It wasn't mutual at all," Anthony said. "Actually, she didn't want me to go. I would never put my wife out there on the line like that. She had nothing to do with the trade. Nothing at all."

Why did Anthony want to go to New York so badly? Other than the huge marketing opportunities a large market like New York offers, he says the other big reason was that teammates Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, Marcus Camby and possibly Chauncey Billups (team option) were going to be free agents in 2011, likely going elsewhere and he didn't want to be on a rebuilding team.

-- Yahoo
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