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Default Re: are you taking any nutritional supplements?

Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend
What do you think of it?

I've kinda steered away from pre-workouts but might try this one. Not sure yet.

I hated the taste of XPand Xtreme Pump though. How does the taste of 2X compare?

I think we came up with a better flavor profile this time around. We wanted to go with the trend of the more concentrate pre-workouts, since that's where the money is in that category. We also wanted to disassociate with Brock Lesnar by reinventing the look and overall product. The formula may not be as stimulant driven, but it does help more with the pump. There's agmatine in this formula which has been studied to reduce enzymes that draw NO out of the muscle. Stimulant junkies AKA uneducated posters won't like it, people who are looking for results will.
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