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Default Re: Global Warning ya'll

i gotta go now, but if it helps, here's a little about my position:

- tribal life was always the most advanced form of human existence IMO. but to understand why that's so takes time and effort.

- village life is at least somewhat like tribal life.

- this global techno-civilisation we have now is an utter wasteland of self-gratification and resultant misery. it is the most knowledgeable and yet most degenerate form of human existence in the history of earth. and that is why nature is balancing us more potently with each passing year.

OTOH we didn't get to pick and choose which era, place or circumstances we were born in.

no matter what conditions life throws at us, the goal is always to be a decent tribesperson, respond accurately to the moment, and allow nature to guide our wisdom through the suffering.

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