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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Just wanted to post these videos, two of my favorites:

Roberto "Hands of Stone" Duran highlight with some badass music, the song couldn't be more fitting.
Not very conventional in terms of boxing style but was one of the craftiest fighters of all time. One of the best chins of all time. One of the hardest hitters of all time. Some of the biggest balls of all time. Greatest lightweight of all time. Pretty much one of the greatest [anything] of all time in terms of boxing. He had a certain way of fighting where it looked he like was just brawling, but in almost all exchanges he would hit you wayharder and cleaner than you could hit him. And this would happen over and over until you got beat to death. Amazing.

James "Lights Out" Toney. One of my biggest criticisms of Floyd's defense is that he never throws punches out of his shell, meaning he doesn't use his shell to set up his offense. James Toney is the MASTER of making you pay for trying to punch him. The beating he put on Iran Barkley was one of the worst in history.
Doesn't get any better than this.
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