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Default Re: Hey, we have a winning streak going!

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
I watch almost all the games on television. Mullens seems to be a rollercoaster-like player. Back to the example of Diaw about not knowing who would show up on any given day. I've missed the reason why TT is not active and why Diop and Williams are seldom used in the rotation.

McRoberts, Adrien and Mullens are playing well at the 4 so there's no need for TT. I could see him getting amnestied next season. We have an abundance of guards (Kemba, Pargo, Hendo, Gordon, Taylor) so there aren't a lot of minutes available for Williams. As for Diop, he just flat out sucks. He'll probably get some minutes though now that Haywood is out for the season.
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