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Need some help weeding out people that don't belong in a fight v fighter scenario i.e. our comic drafts.. Also, need some help adding older better fighters. Will use prep, trump and team battles.

Only looking for either a few participants or only a few rounds or both.. Also, we may have to police our own matches, not sure how many judges we can wrangle in. I'm at work from 730-4 M-F Will need people to PM picks and probably a Co-commish or just really patient people (which is a rarity in these drafts ).

Aurthor Dayne
The Smiling Knight
Khal Drago

Ned Stark
Tywin Lannister
Joffery Baratheon
Robb Stark
Jon Snow
Robert Baratheon
Renly Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon
Balon Greyjoy
Doran Martell
Robert Arryn
Aegon VI
Barriston Selmy
Kevan Lannister
Jon Connington
Jon Arryn
Edmure Tully
Bran Stark
Jaquen H’ghar
Varys +4 scout
Gregor Clegane
Randyl Tarly
Jaime Lannister
Benjen Stark
Illaryio Mopantis
Janos Slynt
Beric Dondorian
Victorian Greyjoy
Euron Greyjoy
Mance Rayder
Oberyn Martell
Roose Bolton
Joer Mormont
Brynden Tully aka the Blackfish
Gerald Dayne aka the Darkstar
Jojen Reed
Varamyr sixskins
Paxter Redwyn
Qhorin halfhand
Asha Greyjoy
Theon Greyjoy
Arriane Martell
Quentyn Martell
Areo Hotah
Sansa Stark
Rickon Stark
Ramsay Bolton
Jorah Mormont
Willas Tyrell
Garlan Tyrell
Loras Tyrell
Margaery Tyrell
Olenna Redwyne aka Queen of thornes
Arys Oakheart
Illyn Payne
Alliser thorne
Balon Swann
Cortnay Penrose
Eddard Karstark
Gunthor Hightower
Harrion Karstark
Jaremy Rykker
Jon Umber aka the GreatJon
Jon Umber aka the SmallJon
Jory Cassel
Lyn Corbray
Nestor Royce
Rickard Karstark
Rodrick Cassell
Ronnet Connington aka the Red Ronnet
Tom of Sevenstrings
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