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Default Re: Players that get no respect from refs

Let's take a look at the number:

Melo eFG%
Jumpers .474
Paint .554

Almost identical due the amount contact Melo gets with no foul calls.

For comparison

Kobe eFG%
Jumpers .464
Paint .690

Durant eFG%
Jumpers .511
Paint .714

Lebron eFG%
Jumpers .512
Paint .734

It's pretty ridiculous really, unless you're a retard and think Durant got a better body and skills to bang inside and score in the paint, thus explaining the difference, it's pretty obvious who get's respected and who doesn't.

Melo "inefficiency" it's pretty explained right there.

Please don't lump Melo and Lebron together, Melo have more 4fga than Lebron and only 0.7 more fta. And we know how Lebron cherry picks his fga, hard to be fouled when nobody is around.

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