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Originally Posted by alenleomessi
any tips for better conditioning except the obvious -run more, which i do everyday for two weeks but no improvements, its embarrassing

Do supersets or circuit sets.

I do circuit sets for all my muscle groups once every 4 weeks. Obviously drop the weight significantly, and just don't stop.

An example I do for chest is 85kg (185lbs) for 12 reps, then go straight into flys for 15 reps of about 15kg (33lbs), then dips of 10 reps. No rest in between any of that, 3 sets of each, and you're buggered after it. Then I do a nice warm down set of each. Even lighter weight.

Stand alone on these exercises I'd usually do 120kg for 6 on bench, 25kg flys and weighted dips. As you can see I'm taking about 30% off on the big lift in the circuit. I think you mentioned earlier you can already do about 80kg for 7 or 8 reps on bench press? You could probably get away with doing 60kg (135lbs), and adjust the other accordingly for the circuit.

So when I say significant drop, I mean it. Otherwise you won't be able to keep going. So you really need to take it down a notch. You'll still get a great workout since you're not stopping. I never sweat as much as I do then on my circuit days.

And obviously, you can adjust this for any muscle group. Back you can do deadlifts, chin ups and rows. Shoulders can be military press, lateral raise and vertical row. And etc, etc for each different type. Just do your big, heavy lift first in the circuit.

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