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Default Re: Should Pistons keep coach Lawrence Frank?

According to a report on Yahoo! Sports, Pistons coach Lawrence Frank reportedly told team owner Tom Gores and general manager Joe Dumars that he wasn't interested in leading the team for a third year if the fourth year on his contract was not picked up.

After the game, Frank sounded as if changes were imminent while describing the season as one that was hard, ''both professionally and personally.

''When you look at improvement, it always starts internal improvement,'' Frank said. ''We have to get better, coaches (and) players. Obviously this is the first time in five years where the franchise, we have an opportunity to get better from the outside and have significant cap space. There's always trades. There's always the draft. So there's a lot of different ways to do it but it will take time.''

It doesn't even sound like Frank necessarily wants to stay around. I think we should have a serious conversation with McMillan.
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