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Default Keeper Help

I just won my keeper league. 10 teams, roto. Cats are fg%, ft%, 3pm, rebounds, steals, assists, blocks, points and TO's.

We get to keep 8 keepers. My team is:

Kyrie - keeper
Mo Williams
Chandler Parsons
Horford - keeper
Dirk - keeper
Durant - keeper
Dragic - keeper
Anthony Davis - keeper
Kobe - keeper
Andre Drummond
Brandon Knight

We have 2 IR spots per team. I need advice on my final keeper.

Its between Lowry who was awful but could become an excellent fantasy player again or Parsons. I was thinking about Boozer but Rose will limit his stats and Drummond can probably be picked up in the draft next season.

I dont care about team needs, I trade non-stop to get what I need. I traded more than double the amount of anyone else in the league last season. So who do you guys think I should keep with my final spot?
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