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Originally Posted by jamal
and when was the last time this team had a first-round pick that contributed? first they traded three picks for webber, and that just started what seemed like a trend of not adding to the team thru the draft, which is essential. rip in 99, thats pretty much all they've gotten out of the draft. jefferies in 02 i guess.

And now they're in that range where they're making the playoffs at fifth or sixth every year, but everyone knows they really don't have a chance in hell to make it further than the second round. They're stuck in that mediocre spot, and they're gonna haveto make some trades to get some young talant or trade up in the next few drafts, because they really can't get anyone good at they're position year after year in the draft.

hehe, kinda like the Lakers, my other favourite team ('cept Mitch is actually trying to do something, whereas Grunfield is just a bum)
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