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Default **** 2k!

I bought my NBA 2K13 brand new a few weeks after it came out. It worked fine for a while but today it started freezing on the screen that pops initially when you load the game (you know, the one with all their trademark bullshit?).

I looked up online how to resolve the problem but it looks like everyone who has faced the problem hasn't found a solution! Some suggested its the Internet connection but I'm using my Internet right now to type this... So wtf?

My other games are working fine. Saints Row The Third, Assassin's Creed 3, MW2, etc., are all starting up without an issue.

I've had this problem with previous 2K games, too. 2K11 & 2K12 both froze on me after a few months of working fine. They were on my previous PS3, though. My current PS3 is the latest model with 500 GB! This shit is irritating the hell out of me. I'm most likely done buying their bullshit games. How the hell is it even possible that it won't start?!

It was working just yesterday!!!
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