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Default What if we had taken CP3?

Since our 2 teams are going to be tied up in the D-Will versus CP3 debate for years to come, I thought I'd break the ice on behalf of the Jazz. To be honest, when the Jazz leaped up to get pick number 3 in last year's draft, I thought it was Christmas in June and we were gonna snag Paul (I had been following his game at Wake Forest for 2 years). CP3 is the MAN and he definitely won Round 1 against D-Will in their rookie years. But I have a feeling Deron is gonna have a break-out year this season and make the debate more interesting. I guess my question is, if we had taken Paul off the board, would the Hornets have taken D-Will? What do you think of him and would he fit in your system? or would you take Felton? or Frye maybe? Both of our teams are on the rise. Here's to a budding rivalry!

PS... nice moves so far this summer.
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