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Thats to much in my opinion for Jermaine, but most people would probaly like the deal. Ethan is pretty solid isn't he when healthy?

Blatche/Jamison/Thomas is too much? I think the Pacers would reject that right away. Getting Jamison would be a lateral move at best, and Blatche and Thomas bring what exactly to the table? The Pacers already have a project forward (Shawne Williams), so I can't see Blatche being someone of interest to them. This deal would not even offer cap relief. To sum up, this deal would neither begin a rebuilding process for the Pacers by offering significant young talent or capspace, and it would not help the team now. Why, then, would they make such a deal? To help the Wizards out?

On topic, I haven't heard much of anything about the Wizards. Getting Pecherov could turn out well for them, and I think he significant talent. According to Draft Express's summer league summaries, he's played well. He doesn't solve any of their immediate needs, but I don't think any player availiable to them at #18 would have done that.

Arenas is a legit superstar IMO, and he's young enough to give them time to put the right pieces in place around him. Jamison would seem to be the most logical guy to move, but I cannot see them getting much (much being a legit big man with a defensive presence) in return for him. How many years does he have left on his contract?
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