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Default Re: Official OffSeason Ideas Thread:

Here's another take, don't like this one as much:

Eric Bledsoe, 2014 2nd Round Selection to the Milwaukee Bucks for John Henson and #15.
-This deal is off the basis that Jennings does not want to be retained by the Bucks as Milwaukee gets a legit point guard to put next to Ellis, and they would be a great fit together. Clippers get a young, legit 6'10 guy that has potential to be a 18/9 guy for years.

Caron Butler, 2015 2nd Round Selection to the Sacramento Kings for a TPE & Isaiah Thomas.
-Would only work if the Kings are tired of being a low lotto team and want to put together a string of W's, for whatever reason. Maybe they look to finally make the playoffs? For the Clippers, we gain a backup point guard after losing Isaiah along with a huge TPE that can be used in numerous situations. Jazz might be another option for a 2nd instead if Kings do not want to do the deal.

S&T Chauncey Billups to the Portland Trail Blazers for a small TPE and #40.
-Olshey acquires a veteran to put behind Lillard at a very small cost. Clippers stash a young guy away for a few years.

TPE (Sacramento) to the Washington Wizards for Trevor Ariza & #54.
-Wizards save some money while Clippers bring back a veteran small forward and get another prospect to stash.

Free Agency:
Pick up the option to Willie Green.
Sign Christopher Emmanuel Paul to the Maximum.
Sign Matt Barnes to a 2 year contract, valued at $6,500,000.
Sign Zaza Pachulia to a portion of the Mid Level Exception.
Sign Craig Smith to the minimum (give him more if available).
Sign Ryan Hollins to the minimum.
Sign James Singleton to the minimum.

#15: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
-The 20 year old shooting guard has drawn comparisons to Kerry Kittles. He is a solid shooter (38% from 3 on about 7 attempts a game in college) and a TS% of 59. He also has good size/athleticism to be a good defender at his position.

#25: Gorgui Deng
-Athletic and 6'11, Deng is a good shot blocker as he averaged more blocks per than he did turnovers and about equaled the amount of fouls he gave up per game. Is a good pick as well, assuming he develops and Jordan doesn't, as in two years, we can let Jordan walk and have two more years of Deng on his rookie deal.

#40: Archie Goodwin
-Real solid shooting guard who has a ton of potential. Clippers will let him play a year in the D-League and wait for next season.

#54: Augusto Lima
-Brazilian big man to be stashed overseas.

Final Roster:
PG: Chris Paul - Isaiah Thomas
SG: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - Jamal Crawford - Willie Green
SF: Trevor Ariza - Matt Barnes - James Singleton*
PF: Blake Griffin - Craig Smith - Gorgui Deng*
CE: DeAndre Jordan - Zaza Pachulia - Ryan Hollins

Green probably starts over Pope, but wouldn't mind that either. We lose defense off the bench but gain a ton of firepower.
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