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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by franchize
So Durant and Kobe are winning right now? lmaooooo When using examples goes wrong lol Durant is down 2-1 just like us and Kobe's Lakers have underachieved all seaosn and got swept. Your example alone should tell you it's not always the best player's fault.

Refer to the Tyson Chandler thread as I expose that coat tail rider for the coward he is. You wanna talk demoralize? Subliminally ripping your team in the media demoralizes a team.

Yes but they play/played/playing at a high level and when the other players comes up short then you ridicule the people who came up short. Durant is doing all he can to help the Thunder and if the other players dont step up it will be the others fault and obviously the absence of Westbrook. That is the point.

If the best player is doing their job then no one can blame him.

If Melo plays up to the superstar billing then I will rip all the other players on the team for not helping him. That isnt the case.

So please read this slowly then process it.

Observers will look down the list in this manner;

Did Melo do the job?
Did Woody do the job?
Did Jr do the job?
Did everyone else do the job?

This is how it goes. If the Knicks lose the series or win the series this is where sh!t falls, you know it rolls down hill
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