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Default Re: Grade Your Team's Offseason

I'd give the Jets a F for the off-season. (I'd give them an F minus for delivering Brady and Bill Belichick to the Patriots)

Obviously Revis trade hurts overall for the team. But the owner screwed the Jets out of this deal. The jets were in a weak trading position because of him not that the Jets traded him. The Jets usually pay FA rather than pay their own. No matter what Revis isnt a 16 million dollar player no one can convince me otherwise. Deon Sanders is a 16 million dollar CB/WR/Returner.

This team is a work in progress. Dumping many overpaid role players. Again the Jets focused more on defense than offense. The Dline starters are fine actually LB isnt bad we are going to see if Coples can make the conversion as a stand up OLB. The safeties are trash. The Jets didnt need Dee Milner but I can see where if he were healthy he was the best available player. But this is a way to mask the Jets have no pass rush whatsoever and another year of scheming up a rush.

Offensive line the Jets added Willie Colon and Stephen Peterson. Howard was decent at RT. They drafted G Brian Winters and LT Oday Aboushi also they are converting DT William Cambell into a G.

The Jets have no TE, no WR's Holmes (overpaid avg player), Hill (if he could learn to catch wouldnt be bad), Jeremy Kerley (showed flashes in the slot).

I love Chris Ivory but did the Saints know something the Jets didnt maybe this guy cant take the beating to be a featured back? I didnt mind Mike Goodson before the questionable background came into play. Like one GM said before "Do the Jets do background checks on any players?"

I never liked Sanchez from jump street, average arm but NO experience to play QB when drafted. His first year the Jets had a solid team around him but the team got progressively worse and his game did too. Geno Smith I am not that impressed with this guy. I dont know about his maturity, mind, anticipation and can he take snaps from center. Those screens and dump downs to Tavon could have made him look better than what he was. The guy is a project and if the Jets had a good developmental staff I would feel good about his potential.

Clearly this is a rebuilding year.

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