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Default Re: Bargnani To Be Traded or Amnestied By July 1st

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I don't see how they could get anything back for Bargnani other than an equally bad contract. Unless there is some manager in the league that really thinks all he needs is the "change of scenery" to get going.


Its all about "what cost"

Intelectually there are dozens of deals. At what cost to Raptors. Further can you get a drfat pick out of it? Maybe...

Barge& Kliza for Gasol with Lakers works as its within 125% , La looses salary, Toronto climbs but is under the $72M luxury cap.

Barges and x for Boozer works in scenerios obviously as the Bulls have "an open offer on the table" according to media.

Barges (and Ross?) for Nick Batum with Blazers works. Gives the Blazer a 2 year window on a big man to play along side Aldridge and shed 2 extra years of contract.

Barges for Monta with Bucks. Buck end up shipping out a talented but egnimatic player for another egnimatic but they have few or no big men under contract. Its a holding pattern move to see which way they want to go vis a vis Jenning, Ilya, draft in 2014 and other FAs

etc... what cost...
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