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Originally Posted by L3B120N J4M35
i just went to the ymca at 9:40 and stay till 2:40.
I wanted to throw out that any and all time poured into the game isn't necessarily good and effective time. Not to be pessimistic, but I personally don't think I'd be able to push myself for five hours straight. I'm not really sure who can, in fact.

For example, Richard Hamilton's mantra was always about the intensity of his workouts, not the duration. He wanted to go hard enough and fast enough that he'd be exhausted after an hour. I'm kind of from that camp. My little brother would often put in multi-hour sessions but to do so meant he was out there taking his time, not going full speed, etc. And in terms of his game critique, that was his problem. He had moves, he had skill, he had all of that. He just didn't have the explosiveness and stamina that comes from going hard and fast because often he tended to opt for the long workout over the effective one. We're in the process of changing that as we speak.

Also, random sidenote about the floater - this is just a personal approach and surely not set in stone advice - but I have the floater relatively low on my order or operations, even for guards. It can be an incredibly tough shot to master and I've found its difficulty isn't always equal to the amount of times you might actually use it in a real game.

The floater tendency is actually another thing I'm working with my brother on (he's the same age as you). He currently uses the floater a lot, but he completely overuses it, it's not reliable, and it's weak. He's tried to develop it as his go-to shot in the lane but as a result, he completely skipped over developing the easier and more effective skills of setting one's feet and pulling up for a jump and/or taking the ball to the rim and finishing strong.

So, the floater's cool, I just do not it should come before the development of the easier and more effective ways to score from similar locations.

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