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Default Re: Aaron Hernandez involved in a murder case

Good riddance cholo.

Guy already has a daughter hes not raising, now she gets to grow up knowing her father was a murder committing animal and is doing life in prison. How wonderful for America.

But hey thats alright, this poor girl may end up with serious personal issues, but we'll just give her a wonderful, free insurance package on the governments tab that covers therapy. Hey, we're already practically paying people to become obese, why not incentivize emotional trauma as well.

Lets not do anything crazy like ask why this is so much more common in America than other developed countries. Someone might give an answer that sounds racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' AHHHHHHH omg biggest deal ever!!!!!! Lets just keep ignoring the problem, or just throw some money at it, to make sure we dont appear racist! It is incumbent upon us to welcome cultures of violence into our country, as long as they belong to people of other races. Gun violence, gangs, and homocide, we can live amongst no problem. But bigots? THATS who should be on death row!

Am I right liberals???
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