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Default Re: My Crazy Draft Analysis

Originally Posted by GOBB
Thanks for write up on MCW. Who does he compare too best-worst case scenarios?

He's one of the guys I feel I know most about. At the top end, you're probably looking at what Shaun Livingston seemed to be turning into before that horrific knee injury. He really is great in the open floor. His vision is superb. And he's a total threat to finish. Also, his jumper is as bad as advertised. There's a foundation, so perhaps a full time job of improving it will work, but at the same time the foundation being what it is, you kinda wonder why it is as bad as it is. I'm certain he'll never be a great shooter, but he can probably make himself enough of a threat.
My other big gripe is that he really isn't comfortable handling the ball against pressure. This was painfully obvious seeing him life against the Peyton Siva types of the world more than once. The good news is that that can't be done all game every game over the course of an NBA season. The bad news is that when teams catch on, it may rear it's head in bad spots. He's very much a creator though no matter what. Even if he's just a guy you want in the middle of your fast break, and you use him coming off screens without the ball, then set up sort of isolated pick and rolls for him, because that will absolutely be a strength for him. I'd say there's a little Rubio in him, but I don't think he's as comfortabe with the ball.
I can't really think of a great low end comp. A bench player who plays D and runs a ton of pick and roll, good in the open court, but doesn't really shoot it well. There's probably tons of them, I just can't think of any. Maybe like a Rodney Stuckey type of tweener guard.
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