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Default Identity

Miami's bench was built with a purpose. They have an identity. They know how they want to play, and every move they make is centered around that. So no, their bench players individually aren't great, but for what they are asked to do, they are perfect. They're built around fiesty defense, the Big 3's scoring prowess and shooters that will make you pay if you try to help off of them. Every single role player does one or more of those things except for Birdman who was clearly brought in because they had virtually big man presence.

Allen- deadly from 3's
Chalmers- solid from 3
Battier- solid defender. solid from 3
Miller- deadly from 3 when hot
Haslem hit's mid range J's.

Indiana's entire team is built off toughness and physicality. I can't think of any player that's soft on Indiana, if Roy Hibbert is playing like he should. All the way down to their bench:


In Chicago, we all know, if you don't play defense, you aren't seeing the court. Period. That entire teams' toughness and tenacity is incredibly impressive. I don't even need to go through their roster.

What's the Knicks indentity? We hit a bunch of 3's last year, but we really only had one really good 3 point shooter. We played pretty decent defense, but we really only have one big time defender (and I'm NOT referring to Chandler ). We put up a lot of points at times, but we really only have a few guys who can even create their own shot (and one is ALWAYS hurt). It's time to establish an identity and build our team around that. I don't know if it's Woody not speaking up enough or Grunwald not listening enough but there's a very strange hodgepodge of players on this team.
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