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Default Re: How Come We Are Not Signing Any Young Players!!!!

Originally Posted by Mgamer20o0
aaron mckie... Divac ....

i agree go with some undrafted or young players its worth a shot. you know at most what you are going to get out the older players. take a chance on someone it doesnt work out A they will be cheap B they can be gone by next season.

why not buy some draft picks see what happens i dont get it.

I completely agree, but here is the HUGE problem, you have to have a coaching staff who has the knowledge and will spend major time developing young players, and the coach has to give those guys playing time and let them make mistakes without fear of being yanked out of the game to sit for another month or two. The Lakers haven't had a coach or coaching staff like that since Del Harris. We still don't have that type of staff now, No D Toni will never allow anyone to practice defense.

I wish our coach and staff would do exactly what the Spurs do.

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