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Default Pablo Prigioni quotes on returning to Knicks

Q: What are your thoughts on returning to New York?

A: I'm so excited. It was my first option to try to continue with the team. I think I can give a little bit more to the team now in the second season. I know everything -- the system, I know my teammates, my coach. So I'm really excited. I appreciate how they wanted me, how they treat me, so I'm really happy for me and for my family.

Q: What are your training goals this summer to prepare for next season?

A: I think I have to continue working on my 3-point shot. This is one of the important things, and keep working on my body because I'm not a big talent physically. I need to work my body every day if I want to compete and fight with some young guys that are stronger, faster.

Q: Did you play against Andrea Bargnani overseas? What will he bring to the Knicks?

A: I played against them when he was really young. He didn't play a lot. Now, he became a big player and I think he can help us a lot. He can play pick-and-rolls, he can pop, he can roll. I think now he has a great chance to participate on a better team, on a wining team, and try to help us and push us to be better.

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