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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Boston Celtics Edition

1. TRUE or FALSE: Paul Pierce should have retired a Celtic, instead of being traded for draft picks.

false. If the celtics want another whole decade of irrelevance like last time when they stuck with their core for too long , then keep him. Letting Pierce go with the right thing although could have gotten a bit more for him.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Rajon Rondo should be traded to help the Celtics future.

true. Rondo is not a player you want on a young rebuilding team. He has horrible attitudes and might get worse when the losses pile up. He also will be a knightmare for Coach Stevens who has only coached 1 legit nba player before in Gordon Hayward. I think Rondo will not be a celtic past the trading deadline.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Brad Stevens will be a successful coach in the NBA.

true. Coaches who embrace stats have been proven to be successful in the nba recently, guys like Carlisle, Vogel, Mchale.

4. Besides Rajon Rondo, the best young talent on the Boston Celtics is:

Kelly Olynyk, you dont find 7 footers which that kind of skill very often. When he develops some strength under nba training program, watch out.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Boston Celtics will make the playoffs this coming season.

false. Much more likely they win the lottery. That roster is horribly constructed. Rondo and Olynyk are both hurt. When Jeff Green is your first option, you know you are in trouble. Last couple seasons ,Celtics have been terrible when KG was not on the floor, their interior defense is going to be terrible.
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