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Originally Posted by PickernRoller
You guys faced a rookie who has never played center field. Was a rookie in the Cuban National League, then moved here as a rookie in the MLB mid way through the season with no spring training on the center field which committed 2 errors as well as confusion as to how to play with his bench warmer teammates.

You guys faced our bench warmers. Not only did you face our bench warmers, the order of the line up was f'ck up.

You faced the 5th pitcher in our rotation, crapuano who shouldn't even be pitching if it weren't for Fife getting injured with a 5.0 ERA.

We gift 3 runs in the second inning - crapuano melting. Crapuano as usual melts again in the 5th and allowed 3 more. Price just feasted against bench warmers and holes in the line up - wrong order. He's a Cy Young, #1 pitcher in any club.

Told ya they were overrated. The signs are all over the place, sorry for being honest. I understand you rep them and that's ok.
you're such a douche bag lmao. losing 1 game does not mean you're an overrated team. getting swept doesn't mean you're an overrated team. it's a 162 game season, losses are going to happen. the rays are legit and the dodgers had no business winning this game. why are you hating on the rays? their payroll is a fraction of the dodgers and they still manage to be successful

that said, AMAZING comeback by the dodgers. so glad we pulled this one out without our best players. we've been amazing on the road but not really that great at home so it's nice to see the guys win one in front of the home crowd
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