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Default Re: 2013 FIBA Americas Tournament

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Of course he believes it. He's a mentally disturbed guy. He's sick in the head.

Originally Posted by Euroleague
I am hearing very big rumors in Greece that two NBA teams, Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers want Vassilis Spanoulis.

From what I hear the Pacers want him to be a rotation player, with a chance to take over as the starter at point guard, while the 76ers are offering him the starting position, with a guarantee that he starts the whole season.

The Pacers are offering more money though, but with a big salary cut from what he is being offered by big European clubs. However, it is still a good salary.

The 76ers are offering less money, but hoping he takes the offer, because he would be guaranteed to be the team's starting point guard.

If Spanoulis wants to come back to the NBA he can this next season. None of this can happen until July 11th, when he officially becomes a free agent.

But the word is big that after the Euroleague Final Four, he was given the offers by both NBA teams, and that he is still thinking about it.

But since he has 3 young kids, and a newborn baby, it might not be possible.

Originally Posted by Euroleague
I said there were 2 NBA teams offered him starting spots and contracts. This is after the fact.

It was the Lakers and the Mavs if you must know.

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