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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Los Angeles Clippers Edition

1. TRUE or FALSE: This is the year Blake Griffin steps up and plays up to his hype.
You mean average numbers like his rookie season while playing no D and no boxing out? I think Blake gets back to 10 boards on the year, but up to his hype depends on what your hype of him is.

2. On a suckage scale of 1 to 10...(1 being just run of the mill sucking, 10 being the suckiest player that ever sucked), how much does DeAndsuck Jordan suck? And can Doc Rivers help Jordan reduce his suckage at least to a reasonable suckage level?
8.5 Though Doc can work wonders and drop it to 6.5

3. TRUE or FALSE: Despite Redick's and Dudley's positive offensive impact and high bball IQ's, those positives will be negated by their poor defense.
For Redick, I say false because I believe that Doc will be able to mask his poor defense. Dudley is a solid defender as already noted.

4. The one thing Doc Rivers can do that Vinny Del African-American couldn't is.....

5. Will the Clippers get themselves together and actually do damage this season?
WCF or bust
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