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Default Re: My contract ends on my 2000th Poast..

Originally Posted by gigantes
real question: are you ever going to stop being a pile of excrement here, 'contract' or no 'contract', 3000 posts or whatever bullshit you're gonna come up with next...?

i'm not even sure if the top-ten list of biggest f-ckups here is even qualified to touch your miserable ass. that's pretty much how much you plain suck, dude.

all i can hope i merely an alias for a popular poster here blowing off some steam. if not, i think that many here can agree that you are basically just dirt that everyone treads upon.

but go ahead and bring it on if you disagree with what i just said, motherf-cker.
2 things ...
1. I have no clue who you are. 8000 posts of garbage I guess.

2. WE ARE TYPING! !!!!

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