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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Going from chandler to hawes wouldn't be as huge of drop off in rebounding or defense as you think

I think in the playoffs the Knicks biggest deficiency is lack of balance and ability to do anything but ISo

Believing chandler is some sort of defending and rebounding stud is what the Knicks should trick another team into trading for, not so egging you should trick yourself into believing

Not even to mention how much better defensively the Knicks would be at gaurd
I know the drop off is a lot. You dont see or pay attention enough to the small things when he plays. He boxes out he does go after rebounds. He does try to help defend. He does try to protect the rim. He just gets caught in LIMBO too many times because the players around him wont watch his back or they have no intention of rebounding or defending. When your next best rebounder is JR Smith and I dont really count Melo because he mostly great at getting his own misses.

The lack of balance as you call it isnt from Chandler. Its because the other players are 1 trick ponies that cant do anything else.

Before anyone says Hibbert manhandled him well thats true. Hibbert proved to be better than what people realized. Also if Chandler is out the game their are no other options behind him. He cant be that all out kind of fella on this team.

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