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Default Re: Favorite Rappers?

Originally Posted by AtTheDriveIn
Dude, I don't even like rap, so it doesn't bother me one bit. But you have been constantly *****ing about everything for the last couple of days now ever since everybody got you out of that Top 50 list.

Yeah, you say you don't care. But you say it so much that I think you actually do care and just trying to assure everyone you don't. That's what it's about it? Are you cranky at everyone because no one but the thread starter thinks you're good enough?

And to end with a hypocritical remark. How old are you really?
I seriously don't. I didn't beg IceMan to be on that list. And I honestly didn't care one bit. I was just pointing out how primetime deliberately wanted me out of there because he hates me for no particular reason (maybe that thread specified directly towards him, but its all honesty). Besides, why the hell are you spazzing out? Is that primetime on your avy? Your god of some sort? Seriously, though, if your bringing that Greatest posters on ISH thing, don't recognize me as the begger. I didn't have nothing to do w/ me being on there. Some random Joe Shmo's thought i was eligible(which i obviously dont think), so whatever, for the hell of it, i'll take it. Primetime later comes in bashing on me. Tell him to keep his crap to himself. Read the whole thread after, if you wish.
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