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Default Re: Judah vs Cotto fight the day before the Puerto Rock Parade.

Originally Posted by knicks15

judah landed the bigger punches and stung cotto a few times includin the first round. cotto consistently landed solid punches and kept pressing forward and judah was unable to fight him off. cotto landed 2 big low blows in the first 2 rounds (deducted a pt) when judah had the momentum. did it affect the fight, i dunno but judah was sprawled out on the floor both times. overall cotto kept bulling forward and throwing, causing judah to fight defensively and unable to throw enough punches. judah landed several big punches, but not much else. cotto far outlanded and outthrew him and his consistent attack caused judah to take a knee in about the 9th rd, was knocked down in the 11th and then later the ref stopped it in the 11th. judah had cotto close to a knockdown about twice
i started watching after the 4th round. Cotto clearly outboxed and out punched zab.
zab no excuses but should have never taken a champioship fight after such a long lay off!
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