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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by CanYouDigIt
This game is great Online if you have real life friends to play with. If you join random games to play with strangers, you'll get bored. This is the same concept for every game with Online play.

Wtf? I love how you just made an assumption instead of just verifying whether or not I played with randoms or friends. I did play with friends at all times. The game is just repetitive. I expected it to be better. My real life friends expected it to be better.
I don't know if R* has made any changes, such as finally adding heists, but whatever. Shit is a huge disappointment. It feels like all R* cares about is profiting here and they know they can't if the missions pay well or the heists are great. They won't be able to sell their cash packs then.
I want this game to succeed because I've been a GTA fan since III, but I don't want to waste any more time on this game. Until major changes are made, it's not worth dwelling back into the GTA Online world.
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