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Default Re: Jonathan Martin situation

Originally Posted by BasedTom
His career is over. The media crucified Riley Cooper for dropping the n-bomb while he was drunk at a country music concert. What Incognito did is 1000x worse.

So with Martin and Incognito out, the Dolphins O-Line now consists of Bryant McKinnie - Dallas Thomas - Mike Pouncey - John Jerry - Tyson Clabo. And Pouncey is involved with the Hernandez drama, so who knows how that will turn out. The O-Line was arguably the worst in the league even before Martin left.

I think he'll get a big suspension, not a whole season but maybe the rest of the season, he'll have to do a public mea culpa and go through some kind of jerk therapy. But after he does, someone could well give him a chance. I don't like him, he's a bully a racist and an asshole. But he wouldn't be the first one in the NFL. The fact that Riley Cooper is not just playing but didn't even miss a game shows that the racism thing isn't a killer. We could also look back at Kerry Collins' incident, he was able to continue his career. So it's really about the bullying. Most don't go as far as this guy but NFL locker rooms are full of bullies. Linemen aren't noted for being nice guys. Lastlly, he doesn't need universal forgiveness, he just needs one team to give him a shot. I think it will happen.
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