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Default Re: I Used To Love This Game

Originally Posted by StateProperty

Just browsed the article but I am suffering from this now...just this morning on ESPN there was a segment on how Tony Dorsett is becoming near brain dead

Afer watching the PBS special, think it was called "League of Denial", it sealed the deal for me never allowing my son to play tackle football...not until he is in high school anyway...Pee Wee league was shown to be the worst time to have your brain rattled around.

I love watching Adrian Peterson, but every time he takes a hard hit now I can't help but to think "wow he is going to have severe mental issues later on"...and that really sucks

I'll say this though, GOING long as I feel like every player in the NFL is aware of the risks, and has STILL made the decision to play on their own, as an adult...then that makes it a lot easier.

It should be viewed the same as smoking...smokers KNOW they are at high risk of cancer and still smoke...if NFL players KNOW they are at high risk for poor mental health and still play then it is on them...they made that choice
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