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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
what i'm not clear on is how it got decided that the UFC would borrow boxing's 10-pt must system in the first place. who were the major parties involved? and did the UFC's decision mean that all future MMA orgs would follow suit?

and now, in to the present... how could such a system be changed at this point? is it decided state by state by the athletic commissions? does the event organiser even have input on that?


since most judges are by proxy political appointees... as are douchebags like keith kizer who oversee them... you can't actually force them to score rounds 10-10 or 10-8 the way that they should be doing. so that part seems like a lost cause.

personally i think that a combo system would be nice. a means of combining round by round scoring with fightmetrics with the eye test.

random example: the judges decision gets one third share, a small panel of pro fighters make an overall decision for one third share, and fightmetrics / compubox combined efficiency gets the last share.

there are many proposed systems of course, but the point is that something needs to change for the good of the sport.

I think mma/UFC had a really hard time becoming legalized in the beginning IIRC, adopting the 10-point system probably helped the UFC become legalized. Maybe something to do with the Nevada State Athletic Commission back in the day?
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