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Originally Posted by Pat Burke is GOD
No not crazy. Phx were willing to re-sign Tim but were unwilling to pay the amount that you guys did. Why? They know his history and the type of guy he is. He has talent, he's had talent ever since he came into the league every team he has played for has said that about him, talent is not in question everything else is. Why was a talented guy like that on the bench all year in Chicago? I never really wanted the Suns to re-sign Tim (especially commit the kind of money you guys did to him). If he came cheap we would have taken him but he is true to form TT money hungery, plays well (puts effort) in contract years and takes a vacation on the rest and collects.

I agree with him...bad deal...he saved us in a couple of games but he's not going to do well for you...sorry...radmanovic would have been good to keep...good luck with the Lakers....
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