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Default Re: Incognito/Martin.

Originally Posted by niko
People are saying he's a good teammate and a good guy. Literally using those words. not you, but quite a bit of the media has went in that direction. He's not. If he's innocent then yes he deserves vindication but he's a career dipshit which is why he didn't get the initial benefit of the doubt some other players would have.
Mike Wallace and Mike Pouncey were the 2 dolphin players to come to incognito's defense.

People in the media were killing him and the dolphin organization though.

I agree he is a dipshit, but that and being a good teammate isnt mutually exclusive.

I am just saying that those texts greatly weaken Martin's case. And if he wasnt friends with incognito, he sure didnt do anything to make it clear.

He even reciprocated with taunts/threats to incognito. After which they joke around, talk about woman/partying and mundane stuff like practise times. Those texts are similar to how my friends and I joke around.
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