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Default Re: Artest or Bibby?

Originally Posted by Targus™
When you start saying "at least enough to win" that is not a good sign for any team. To be an elite team again, well Miami still kind'a is I guess but they have dropped off somewhat you have to consider them at least a threat in the east, but anyways to get back up there you have to have a good PG. Spurs have TP, Detroit (had) Billups. Jazz have Deron williams, etc. I understand why the heat would rather have Artest since he is only what, 26 27? Bibby is only 29 but yes a liability on defense. Honestly though I don't know how having Mr. Insane Ron Artest is good for dwayne wade as a person in the locker room and off the court...maybe even on the court, Ron ron does want the ball.

i agree with u on the (pg) position, that we defenetly need help there. but when it comes 2 artest or any other talented player that has personal problomes. it doesent mater if they r nice people or if they r jerks. all that maters is if they can help us win . all i want 2 know is can that player help my team win.

on a side note. i met zo 3 times, and i thought he was an a-holl all 3 times. but if u ask me if i want zo on my team, i will say hell yea.

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