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Default Re: 2014 NFL Draft Thread

U don't just take a QB # 1 overall over all the other players in a deep prospect pool just becuz it's a quarterback, has to make complete sense for that particular situation.

I don't get the feeling Houston will be high enough on any of the QBs to take one first just because their fans are itching for a new face of franchise.

Seems like Coach O'Brien is really confident in his ability to develop a number of options, or at least help a guy overachieve until they find 'the guy' so the Texans probably don't feel obligated to use the first pick on one.

Then again, the consensus best football player in the draft just happens to play the same position as the best player on their team, also one of the best players in the league at any position.

Nothing wrong with having two absolute elite studs at either end but eventually, that's a lot of money tied up at one position.

Houston has many many things to consider. A QB guru head coach will be a lot more confident to find a capable starter at the top of the 2nd, 3rd or 4th round than most other head coaches whose team seems to lack the guy they think they can win consistently with.
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