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Default Re: Milicic signs with Grizz!

I would hold on to Miller, too. I mean, how can you complain about a guy who shot 40% from 3 last year and averaged 18.5 pts? Gasol is obviously the man on the Griz but Miller is really important. Y'all would have been far worse without him last year.

I wouldn't be too down on Darko, yet. I really wanted him to be a Bobcat because he hasn't been given good minutes yet. It's hard to judge his development since he was playing with the best center in the East (the league?) last season in Dwight Howard. Pro-rate his stats to 35 minutes a game and he has a much more impressive line. He will be very beneficial to y'all defensive which is especially important under the basket in the West.

But you are right, if he doesn't produce... this will have been a big mistake for the Griz. Y'all will still have cap space and probably a lottery pick next year so that might have been better spent in the pursuit of one of the many big time free agents next year...

Man, the teams with cap space next year sure are lucky. Duncan, Granett, Brand, Arenas, Jamison, Marion, Iverson, J. O'Neal, B. Davis... seriously, it's almost depressing that some of those guys won't be paid nearly as much as they deserve because of how many of them there are. No more than 2 of 'em will get the deal Lewis just did and they are all far more valuable than him.
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